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How to Become an Animal Breeder

Are you a person who loves animals? Do you like to care for them and nurture them? Then, you might consider a career as an animal breeder. This is a rewarding and fascinating career that allows you to breed animals of almost any kind.

Keep in mind that the world is overpopulated by certain animals. Many of these animals die or end up in shelters so make sure you know a lot about the animal(s) you want to breed. You need to make sure that your animals can be placed properly and well taken care of. You must also know how to care for the animals you will breeding.


Although no specific education is required for breeding a number of animals in many cases, it is best if you have some schooling. Not all colleges offer coursework in animal breeding so you may not have a college close by. Not to worry as there are courses that you can take on line.


The first thing you need to do is determine what animal(s) you would like to breed. Then you need to know as much about that animal as you can. You might want to consider an animal that is on the endangered list to help save the species.


Then, you need to know about breeding itself. There are several ways to go here. For example, you could own a female animal and pay to have her breed with someone else’s male. On the other hand you could own a male animal and pay to breed with someone else’s female. Perhaps the ideal condition is when you own both the male and female which doesn’t require any breeding fee. Which ever way you go, make sure the animals you breed with (yours included) come from high quality breeding lines.


Make sure to do as much research as you can on how to breed your particular animal. The internet is a great place to start and don’t forget your public library or college library if you have one. When you’re researching, make sure that the information you get a hold of is the most up-to-date. Advancements in science and medicine come everyday and you need to keep up with this.


You’re now ready to begin breeding for the first time. Keep in mind that it may take several tries for a female to become pregnant, so you’ll have to be patient. If a female is not pregnant after some period of time, check and see if the male is fertile.


Once the female is pregnant, you’ll need to monitor her progress and you may want to have some vet care depending on the animal your breeding. You may have to help with the delivery when time comes and help care for the babies as well. A number of animals such as cats and dogs need vet care after birth and require blood tests and initial vaccines. You’ll need to keep this in mind in terms of how much money it will take to breed your animals and how much you should sell them for. You should have checked out that information before you began breeding. Your vet is a good source of this information.


You’ll want to place ads on the internet and newspapers so that you can screen potential buyers. You’ll want to know that they know how to care for your animal properly.


You should understand that you should never breed animals purely for profit!

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