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How to Become an Art Director

Do you have an interest in graphic design, art publishing and editing? Then, a career as an art director might be something you want to consider. In general, art directors are able to develop graphic designs concepts as well as review published media such as television, magazines, newspapers and advertisements. They also review content to be published in digital, printed and/or film media. Artistic layout is what it is all about and that is what an art director does. The art director makes the final decision on how a visual presentation will appear making it better organized, appealing catching the eye of the viewer. An art director has control over the mood, emotion and quality of the visual presentation.


As an art director, you will be responsible for managing artists, developers, designers, copywriters and layout artists. You have to coordinate all these collaborative efforts. As you can see, this career calls for someone who has artistic ability as well as the ability to manage others.




You’ll need a high school diploma and college entrance exam (SAT/ACT). Then you’ll need to enroll in a bachelors program in arts and design. Check around and see what’s available in your area as well as coursework online.


While you’re in school, it is possible to get a position as an entry-level artist in advertising, design, motion picture productions or publishing firms but this may not happen until you graduate. Try to get a position as early as possible to gain as much experience as you can. Over time, if you demonstrate artistic ability along with leadership qualities, you just might be promoted to an art director position.


Different colleges may offer art director coursework for art majors. You might want to look for this. If you want to be an art director, look for programs in art administration which includes classes in project management and finance. In other words, it is possible to get above entry level as an artist and go directly to art director with the proper curriculum. You’ll need to talk to your college counselor to see what the college has to offer.


With all the computer media these days, job opportunities are growing rapidly. Creative and talented individuals are highly sought after not to mention it is very lucrative. You’re looking at salaries that range from 84K and $150K. Keep in mind that you need to have some innate artistic ability. Art can be learned but the best always have some form of talent. You need to have an eye for composition, visual orientation, fresh ideas and strong leadership capabilities. You must be well managed, organized and very adaptive.

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