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How to Become an Artist

Believe it or not, everyone is an artist. You just need to let it out. However, it is true that some very lucky people are simply born with a creative flair. Whether you have that right brain development or whether you would like to develop it, consider becoming an artist.


If you currently don’t demonstrate an artistic flair, give yourself permission to try it out. Try doing some pencil sketches. This is inexpensive as all you need are a few drawing pencils and appropriate art paper for best results. Consider trying pen and ink as well. These are always fun as you can add water color to the mix. Then try some acrylics and do some painting. From there you might try some sculpting with clay, wood or perhaps newspaper (remember the globe you made in grade school with newspaper, flour and water). Great fun. Believe it or not, you can make life size sculptures with great detail out of newspaper. For those of you who take a lot of photographs, consider doing some creative photography. This is a blast!


Once you practice with various art mediums or perhaps you already have, make sure you recognize your strengths and weaknesses. Go for your strengths and the mediums that work best for you. Now that you have some art under your belt consider taking classes. You can enroll in local art classes in places such as art studios, schools, co-ops etc. These classes can last from anywhere from one night to many months. You’ll find these classes in your local newspaper and the internet. Make sure to create an art portfolio of your work. It’s like having an art resume.


While you’re practicing, make sure to study the masters. Read books and visit museums (art galleries). Practice the masters by drawing what they did. All of this will help prepare you for professional art school if that’s where you want to go. You have a choice of attending an art school or going to university. Some universities have great associate and bachelor art programs. See what is available locally and also what coursework is offered on the internet. Before, during and after you are in school, get an internship with a master artist if you can

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