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How to Become an Assembler and Fabricator

Do you like to put things together or invent things? Then you might want to consider becoming an assembler or fabricator. Assemblers and fabricators are an important part of the manufacturing process. They use tools, machines and of course their hands to assemble anything from computers, electronic devices, appliances, airplanes, automobiles and much more. For some assemblers and fabricators, it is sufficient to have a high school diploma, however professional training is required for advanced assembly work.


As you are probably well aware, advances in technologies have changed the manufacturing and assembly processes. Automated manufacturing makes use of robots, computers and various sensing technologies. More advanced assemblers must be able to work with these new technologies.


Assemblers and/or fabricators may be required to read complex blueprints in order to be able to assemble something. They may need to use power tools to trim and cut pieces and may need to weld pieces together. Assemblers and fabricators need to pay attention throughout the assembly process as they need to look for faulty components and fix these problems.


The educational requirements needed to be an assembler and fabricator vary depending on the industry they want to work in and of course the employer. A high school diploma or equivalent (GED) is generally enough background and possibly extra training for more advanced assembly work. However, with advances in technology, some industries require an associate’s degree for skilled jobs. For example, motor vehicle products, aircraft products and electronics.


You’ll need to have good reading skills such that you can follow diagrams and pictures. You should have manual dexterity, good eyesight and be able to carry out somewhat complex, repetitive tasks. As you advance as an assembler and/or fabricator, you may take on more responsibilities such as product repair when you understand the construction of a product. If you have background in science, math and computers, it is possible to be advanced to a programmer position or become an operator of more highly automated equipment.


If you’re interested in assembling computer systems, electronics or circuit boards, it’s best to have some coursework in electronics and information technologies. Check with your local community college, vocational school and check for coursework online.

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