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How to Become an Aviation Inspector

How to Become an Aviation Inspector

How to Become an Aviation InspectorAre you fascinated with airplanes and have become a pilot and have an interest in safety? Then you might want to consider becoming an aviation inspector. As a pilot or aviation maintenance specialist, you may quality for positions as an FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) aviation inspector with the right credentialing. Aviation inspectors carry a lot of clout in that they certify operators, ensure compliance with the FAA, investigate accidents, issue FAA certificates and overall promote safety in the aviation industry. To become an aviation inspector you’ll have to provide evidence of your aviation certifications.

There are a variety of aviation inspector positions so you need to determine what type you want to be. You can check the FAA website for this information. The two general areas include operations and airworthiness. Within these two general areas are many positions. Each position has its own requirements so you’ll need to check carefully to see if you qualify. Aviation inspector positions that are open are listed on the USA Jobs website as well as the FAA website.

Aviation Inspector Qualifications

All positions require your ability to pass a drug test and you need to be a citizen.

Qualifications for an Operations Position:
• Experience flying multi-engine aircraft
• Current airline transport or commercial pilots licensed
• Current second class FAA medical certificate
Qualifications for an Airworthiness Position:
• Valid flight instructor certification
• Taught 200 hours of flight instructions
• Current commercial or airline transport pilots license
• Minimum of 1,500 flight hours
Applying for a position is very convenient in that you can fill it out online. If the FAA is interested in your application they will set up an interview. You will need to bring supporting documents to your interview which might include log books, licenses, training records and certifications. Make sure you keep your job application up-to-date, because if you are not accepted at this time, you may be considered for another position at a later time. In other words, your application file remains active.

You’ll have to attend FAA training if you’re hired as an aviation inspector. Keep in mind that continuing education is a part of the aviation inspector position due to technological advances in aircraft and aviation itself.

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