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How to Become a Bailiff

how to become a bailiff

how to become a bailiffDo you find being in a courtroom thrilling? Do you have an interest in law enforcement? Then you might want to consider a career as a bailiff. Bailiffs are individuals that are law enforcement officers who work in a courtroom instead of a prison. If this interests you, read below to find out how to become one.

First off, to become a law enforcement officer, you need to have a clean criminal record. You need to be free of drugs and you must have good credit. When you apply for a job, they will check all of this and it better be squeaky clean. You will be subjected to a urinalysis test.

You also need to be in good physical shape. You’ll be put through a physical exam including physical endurance during your corrections officer training as well as the employment process. Remember, you will be an individual who will be protecting the courtroom so you need to be strong. This means a lifetime of eating properly and staying fit.

You must have a high school diploma or equivalency (GED) and have passed a college entrance exam (SAT/ACT) if you’re going to go to a community college. In the U.S., some states require that you be at least 18 years old while other require that you are 21 before you can apply. Depending on what schools are available in your area, check with your local community college and/or vocational school and find out if they offer a corrections officer/court bailiff program. Also check the internet for online coursework. There are a number of options here. If you’re already working, you might want to go online because you can set up your own schedule and you won’t have to commute. There are so many online courses these days so take advantage of that.

However you decide to get your corrections officer training, whether it be online, in a vocational school or community college you need to tell your instructors that you want to become a court bailiff. The reason for this is that most corrections officers will be employed in a prison setting which involves somewhat different training. Talk to your instructors about this as they may have some advice for you and additional information about the program. Becoming a bailiff can be very rewarding and certainly a worth goal so stick to your guns sort to speak and make it happen.

Check with you local law enforcement agency and find out what they require in terms of educational background for a bailiff. Some agencies may require that you get a bachelor’s degree at some point in addition to your corrections officer training. It’s a good idea to know this ahead of time. In some states, you may be required to attend a police academy. Again, talk with your local law enforcement agency as well as vocational schools, community college and online counselors to make sure you get into the right program.

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