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How to Become a Chartered Accountant

become a chartered accountantHave you thought about becoming a chartered accountant? Are you good with keeping records and working with numbers? Do you have an aptitude for business planning and financial reporting. This might be the ticket for you. Being a chartered accountant is a very respectable career and recognized around the globe and certainly lucrative.

There are a number of ways to go to become a chartered accountant. Clearly, you’ll need a degree in accounting and at the very least a bachelor’s degree. You can continue to the graduate level if you so desire and get a master’s degree in accounting or perhaps a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA). Having a graduate level degree opens many more doors for you, however you can take it one step at a time. Keep in mind that becoming a chartered accountant means that you have international status so you might want to choose a university that is recognized around the globe so it is in best interest to have a degree that has an international focus.

You’ll be taking coursework that will teach you how to prepare financial statements, corporate and business law, strategic business planning, people management, business taxation, financial reporting, performance and auditing management. This will vary depending on the program you choose. You can go through an MBA, master’s for accounting or certification program. Check all these types of programs available to see which one is best for you. In a certification program, you may have to pass as many as 14 exams some of which are working on the master’s level. It is probably best to stick with a master’s of accounting or MBA for most people and stay away from certification organizations but that’s up to you.

Before you can become a chartered accountant, you’ll need a fair amount of work experience to demonstrate proficiency. You may be able to get experience during your undergrad program. Make sure you’re getting experience at the master’s level and beyond. You’ll need to work for several years in order to qualify as a chartered accountant. Make sure to research down organizations that offer certification, whether in your area or abroad. Carefully check their fees and requirements as well as what is involved in the certification process as programs vary around the globe. Once you know the certification program you want, go ahead and apply. Certification organization vary in the way they accept applications. Some will accept individual applications while others on accept group applications. You may need to ask your current employer to submit an application for you. Once you are certified as a chartered accountant, you will be overseen and supervised by your home institution.

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