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How to Become a Primary School Teacher

Do you love working with children?. Are you concerned about the intellectual and social development of our young today? Then you should consider becoming a primary school teachers. Primary school teachers teach at the elementary level and instruct children in a single class on multiple subjects. This coursework includes social studies, language arts, science and math. Are you up to this?


To become a primary school teacher varies by state and the particular school district but you’ll need a bachelor’s degree. If you decide to work in the public school system, you’ll need to have a teaching certificate from the state. Private primary schools are generally exempt from this requirement.


Most universities offer primary teaching programs that support a bachelor’s degree in education. You’ll also need to major in the subject matter you plan to teach as well as take courses in math, physical science, literature and art. You’ll need to do an internship in teaching as well. These programs typically take 4 to 5 years to complete. You’ll need a teaching certificate.


There are, however alternative teaching certificates that provide coursework for individuals who are looking for a career change or graduate students who don’t have teaching credentials. These alternative certification programs are very important in that they aide struggling districts fill teaching vacancies. These alternative teaching programs typically consist of provisional teaching placement along with supplementary coursework that will eventually lead to a state teaching certificate. Initially, you will receive a temporary permit and permanent state certification can be achieved within 1 to 2 years. Coursework can be taken online or in the classroom. Many of the alternative forms of certification are offered by Teach for America, American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence and the New Teacher Project. You’ll want to check these out if you already have some schooling and want to change careers.


Bear in mind that whether you go the traditional route or the alternative teaching path, you must pass a series of state tests to receive your state teaching certificate. You will be tested for reading, writing, math and general teaching methods as set by the U.S. Department of Labor. Although different states have slightly different requirements, most use one of two testing services. These include the Praxis exams and the Pearson Education Inc. tests. Once you complete and pass these exams, you are eligible to apply for a state teaching license.


Far beyond your educational training, you must posses good communication skills, instill trust in students and motivate them to learn. You’ll be working with a diversity of backgrounds along with adverse situations. You’ll need to have resourcefulness, listen well and have patience to manage this. You’re work week won’t end at forty hours. It will carry over at night and into the weekend.

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