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How to Become a Barber

How to Become a Barber

Do you have an artistic flair? Do like to make other people look good and feel good about themselves? Then perhaps you should think about becoming a barber. Cutting hair can be fun and when you’re done you can appreciate your beautiful work of art. You’ll work with people all day long and get to know them fairly well and it’s great when they become repeat customers. If you thought becoming a barber is difficult better think again. Training periods are relatively short so you’ll be on yHow to Become a Barberour way to a position in no time.

You need to keep in mind that barber school focuses on hair care and salon services for men so the curriculum is different from beauty school programs.

Barber school offers a mix of classroom schooling and hands-on experience. Hands-on experience at this point is done with life-like mannequins as well as students. You’ll learn how to strop and hone, shave, work with hairpieces, hair cutting and styling, shampooing and massage, hair coloring, facial massage, hair waving, curling and straightening.

What ever barber school you choose, make sure that the above areas are covered. This is very important. In addition, you should receive coursework on how to identify and treat common skin and scalp conditions. You’ll also be taught about maintaining a sterile and sanitized work area along with barber laws, rules and regulations.

Next time you get your hair done, take the time to observe your barber and the other barbers in the shop. Watch closely at what they do. Watch their hand movements and how they position you. There’s much to be gained by observing. If you like what you see and think this is a career you want to pursue, then go for it. Make it happen.

If you live in the United States, find out what the requirements are for becoming a barber in your state. Many states require a minimum number of hours cutting hair as well as learning safety to get a license. You need to be licensed.

See what barber schools are available in your area and check them out thoroughly. There are also online barber schools and that may be of interest to you. Generally, barber school takes anywhere from six to twelve months to complete depending on the program you want to be in. Make sure to look for a reputable barber school (been in the business for a long time), have excellent facilities, offer a number of specialties, is properly accredited, has financial assistance and will help place you in a position when you are done.
Once you have completed your program and passed, you will be eligible to take the state exam. Licensing requirements and fees vary by state so you need to find out your state’s requirements. The barber school program you attended should have this information.

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